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Tanesha Grant


Founder, CEO and Community Organizer

I I believe that PSPNY has had a profound impact on my life as a parent. When I was young, I experienced a deep sense of abandonment, feeling unloved and unwanted. It seemed that everyone made it clear to me that I didn't have a family or belong anywhere. The teachers I encountered were unsympathetic and lacked nurturing, particularly towards young black girls, leading me to harbor self-hatred and exhibit violent behavior for many years.

When I became a parent at 18, I started thinking differently. I realized that parents, especially black and brown parents, often lack support from society. Raising one child was challenging, and I soon understood that parents need support.  I envisioned a place where parents come together to support each other, providing mental and emotional assistance and pooling resources to help each other. This led me to start an organization that gives parents voice, respect, and value, creating community tables for parents rather than just seeking a seat at existing tables.

The pandemic further fueled my desire to establish Parents Supporting Parents NY, aiming to foster partnerships between parents and educators to ensure our children receive the high-quality, culturally responsive education they deserve. I wanted to create a judgment-free space where parents can support each other, especially when dealing with their child's school or the Department of Education.

While there are organizations for parents, there are none run by parents. With minimal family support, I understand how challenging it is to navigate parenthood and the education system without help.  My vision is for PSPNY to become a national organization that supports parents emotionally and financially, addressing various needs such as children's requirements, as well as providing aid for utility bills and rent when necessary.

This organization aims to provide essential support for parents while they raise their children, ultimately enhancing the nurturing of both the child and the parent so they can thrive in society.


The team of PSPNYINC consists of individuals who understand the importance of supporting parents, education, and the community. The goal of PSPNYINC is to bring awareness by creating an avenue for the community to have resources that can assist everyday life in the best way. The PSP team is looking forward to meeting and working with you to make a difference.

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