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But this kind of thing, Su Ming believes that Huzi is not the first person to see, everyone has their own story that they do not want to tell, this Chen Xiang can always be so dressed in Tianhan Zong for many years, there must be a reason. Thank you very much. Su Ming did not refuse and nodded to Chen Xiang. By the way, Uncle Su, you use these rhinoceros white wood, presumably to make your own wooden slips, so you need some special ropes.. Chen Xiang said, taking out a white spool from his sleeve and handing it to Su Ming. I just saw this thing when I was looking for this rhinoceros white wood. It has been placed here for many years. It is said that it is the tendon of some kind of fierce beast. It is very tough. It should be used as a connection for wooden slips. Su Ming did not go to pick up, but looked at Chen Xiang after a word, look like a smile, in front of this person sent out a piece of wood can also reluctantly want to make friends with their own to explain, but also sent out this fierce beast tendon line, it is obvious that it is not so simple to make friends, after all, he Su Ming, is not the true sense of the uncle. Seeing Su Ming's look, Chen Xiang's face showed embarrassment. After hesitating for a moment, Chen Xiang bit his silver teeth and bowed deeply to Su Ming. Ask Uncle Su to help me. Recommend a book, the book number is 2129153, the title of the book is powerful,pipe cantilever rack, the ear root waves the flag for him to call the first order, still need more than 100 he can get the second seal push. I'm an old reader of Xianni. I'm very nostalgic. Everyone can help me if you can. See no ads, the whole text is error-free first novel, 138 reading network-www. 13800100. Com text first, your best choice! The first volume of life is just like the first one. The second volume is the cold wind. Chapter 242 Chen Xiang's request. Su Ming did not immediately open his mouth, but stood there, looking at the woman disguised as a man in front of Chen Xiang, his eyes with a sharp, fell in the eyes of Chen Xiang,Warehouse storage racks, let her have a kind of through the mind, see the illusion of their hearts. [Www. 13800100. Com Text First Issue 138 Reading Network] Chen Xiang trembled in his heart, lowered his head without looking at each other, and stepped back a few steps again. Go ahead, I'll think about it. Su Ming opened his mouth calmly and his voice was not slow. This matter. If Martial Uncle Su wants to help, he can do it. Chen Xiang bit his lower lip, and at the moment she looked like this, revealing a lot of the look of her daughter's family inadvertently. Also ask Uncle Su to help, let. Let Uncle Sun Dahu stop being outside my room in the middle of the night. The scouts. It makes me very uncomfortable. Chen Xiang opened his mouth in a low voice, and it was not easy for him to use more euphemistic words to express her meaning. When he finished, she bowed to Su Ming. And ask Uncle Su to help me. Su Ming look suddenly strange up, he thought of a lot of possibilities, but did not expect, in front of this Chen Xiang and send pieces of wood and send tendons, unexpectedly for this matter. Thus it can be seen that Huzi usually has a big shadow in his mind. Su Ming could not help smiling bitterly, Steel racking system ,warehouse rack manufacturer, especially when he thought of the scenes that Huzi had met on the way from the Ninth Peak before he fell asleep. I'll try to persuade him about it, but I can't guarantee success. Su Ming hesitated for a moment. To tell you the truth, he didn't want someone to squat outside at night and look straight at his every move. Especially when he thought of the strange smile on the corners of Huzi's mouth when he peeped at the Second Elder Martial Brother, it was not difficult for Su Ming to figure out that Huzi's smile must still be there when he peeped at others. He looked at Chen Xiangyi with some sympathy, this person heard Su Ming's words, immediately had gratitude on his face, that gratitude is not like false, but from the bottom of his heart, you can see how deep and heavy the harassment of Huzi to her. For Chen Xiang, it was the most important thing for her to be able to invite Uncle Huzi, who was like a nightmare at night, to go. In Chen Xiang's gratitude and respect, Su Ming walked out of the hall, followed by Chen Xiang, and finally bowed deeply to Su Ming. The expectation in his eyes made Su Ming subconsciously take a look at the snoring tiger behind the virgin car not far away. I'll do my best. Su Ming nodded to Chen Xiang and went to Huzi. After picking him up, he took a step in the void. The whole person turned into a rainbow and went straight to the ninth peak in the distance. The car hurriedly followed behind, he looked at the front of Su Ming's back, eyes have a decisive. The two of them, one after the other, approached the ninth peak from the temple group under the Tianhan Gate in a short time. On the way, Su Ming met some disciples of the Tianhan Sect. When these people saw him, they immediately stopped and held their fists to worship. After Su Ming left, they moved. Although there were not many words from Uncle Su on the way, they were very different from what Su Ming had met before. If there is a puzzled person around, see this scene, immediately ask in a low voice, when got the answer, immediately look incredible, look at Su Ming left the back of the eyes, suddenly there is a difference. Moments later, when the ninth peak appeared in front of Su Ming, he and Ziche quickly approached. Outside Huzi's cave house, Su Ming fell down and walked into Huzi's cave house with Huzi in his arms, putting him in the place where he slept on weekdays. Looking at the loud snoring tiger, Su Ming smiled, took a wine gourd from the side, put it in the place where the tiger could reach out and touch, and then turned away. Outside the cave mansion, Zi Che stood there respectfully, and when he saw Su Ming coming out, he immediately bowed his head and looked like he was waiting for orders. I was going to turn you into a potion. Su Ming's eyes fell on the car. The car was silent, with embarrassment on his face, and he bowed his head and said nothing. But if you can find me two bodies of the living dead, I'll give up the idea. Su Ming calmly opened his mouth, he already had a plan in his heart, on this day, the ninth peak of the Cold Sect, his biggest thing is to practice. Must let oneself more and more strong, only in this way, near to him can defeat Sima Xin,Pallet rack upright, far from him, he can walk out of that day Lan barrier, walk out of this Nanchen land. Everything needs strong cultivation.

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