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Don't think our brothers are so stupid! If you don't give us a Ji jiāo generation today, the Fujido Dojo will come to an end! Qin Chongxiu doesn't care about that. This little guy looks like a nv person. Even his voice is biased towards xng, not male or nv. It's really annoying. Do you think you are Hideyoshi? "Joke!"! Who do you think you are? Why should I give you Ji jiāo generation! One word, get out! Roll without stopping! Or don't blame me for not thinking of my fellow countrymen! Li Yalin snorted coldly and got the news of Qin's secret biography. He was no longer in the mood to play this boring game with the two idiot brothers. 1. The dead side of the child's family went to play. Don't hinder the adults from doing their business. "You want to die!" Too arrogant! It's really too arrogant! Qin Chongxiu thinks that the two brothers are already very arrogant, but Li Yalin's arrogance at this time is far better than his brother, just a boxing king, what can be arrogant, today let you this boxing king taste what is the taste of defeat! "The emperor's heart fist!" Getting started is a nirvana. It seems that Qin Chongxiu was angry with Li Yalin. But seeing this little guy's boxing, Li Yalin's heart was somewhat wrong. Isn't this the imperial boxing recorded in the second volume of Qin's secret book? How can this little guy learn? Li Yalin has also had a thorough understanding of the two Qin's secret biographies he has obtained. Unfortunately, neither the first volume of Qigong nor the second volume of boxing is of any use to Li Yalin. Even if he uses the above methods, he is only similar in form but not in spirit, and can not exert the greatest power of boxing at all. On this point, Li Yalin naturally wants to ask about the virtual color of the system, and the original answer of the virtual color is: "Qin's secret biography book needs three books in one to play the greatest effect, but also needs the blood of the emperor to fully play the real ability of boxing and mental method. If you want to use Qin's secret biography book, you should collect the three volumes of secret biography first." Could it be that the Qin brothers in front of us still have the blood of the emperor? Although very surprised,collapsible bulk containers, but now is not the time to be distracted, in the face of Qin Chongxiu's angry blow, Li Yalin directly found the weakest point of this blow, very simple to crack Qin Chongxiu's attack. What's wrong? Qin Chongxiu is very surprised to look at Li Yalin, in front of this person seems to know his own boxing, unexpectedly can find the way to crack in the moment of his own move, nonsense,ibc spill pallet, even if Li Yalin can not play the strength of the imperial boxing, but it is still possible to study it, every move every type of weakness, Li Yalin has long known in mind. "The idea is prickly!" Qin Chongxiu's God is dignified. "Let's go together!" A child is a child. There is no knight's way to be a God at all. One can't beat two people together. How can they have no quality? They never bully the less with the more. Well, now is not the time to complain, the attack of the Qin brothers has come to the present, if not counterattack, is not to let their attack succeed? Little guys, don't think you are the only one who has nirvana skills. The world is too dangerous. You'd better go home and eat n'nǎi! "Yanlong Dance!" A person high flame toward the body of the two brothers of the Qin family straight away, immediately frightened the two brothers to stop their moves, what is the situation? Such a powerful fire attack, secondary containment pallet ,ibc spill containment pallet, it is simply super kill ah! "Can you hide?" Li Yalin corner of the mouth l out of a sneer, this move is not as simple as it looks, in the two brothers dodge at the same time, Li Yalin even out of two feet, and kicked out two Yanlong dance, with the first Yanlong dance, three flames formed a pincer attack from left to right, directly surrounded the two. With a bang, the two teenagers were tragically burned into a burning man. Fortunately, they reacted quickly and rolled on the spot to extinguish the flames on their bodies. However, their little faces all turned into black coal ash! Chapter 342 if you want to talk, you need to practice. "How is it?"? Do you want to continue? Li Yalin made a move to defeat the enemy, but there was no joy of victory on his face. Don't joke. It's nothing to win two kids. Although the strength is OK, it's not worth Li Yalin's attention. "Damn it, you forced us to do this!" Qin Chonglei gritted his teeth, he did not expect Li Yalin to be so strong, with his two brothers now, is simply unable to defeat him afraid. "Forcing" you? So what? Li Yalin looked at each other with a funny look on his face. This little guy is really shameless. Ai Mingming has been "forcing" others arrogantly all the time, but now it's the other way around, as if they were the front corners. You're all going to die! Empty dragon possession! "Hu is possessed!" After the Qin brothers looked at each other, they shouted in unison, "Plan?"? Empty Dragon Possessed Hu Possessed? What the hell is this? In that moment, Qin Chonglei and Qin Chongxiu's body suddenly burst into a dazzling light, I rely on, the sun fist soaring people can not open their eyes! Of course, the Qin brothers of this move can not be just as simple as the sun fist, as the light on the two gradually dissipated, the momentum of the two suddenly earth-shaking changes. It turned out to be playing transformation! Li Yalin is stupefied, although the appearance of the Qin brothers has not changed, but Li Yalin can be sure, at this time standing in front of him, is absolutely not the two simple teenagers, this kind of strength surge, it is simply unbelievable. "I haven't come out for a long time. It feels good." Qin Chonglei shook his neck, twisted his fingers, and said something very surprising. "Is Ai but look at the column these two boys are in trouble, can exercise the muscles and bones is also good," Qin Chongxiu is also nodded,plastic pallet crates, what is the situation? Are these two guys both Jekyll and Hyde? Have you replaced your inner personality? No, even if Ai replaces his personality, it is impossible to increase his strength so much. Is he bent over by something? "Who are you?" Li Yalin frowned and asked in a cold voice. "Old Man Qin Konglong!" "Old Man Qin Hu!"

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