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Looking up to see Xue Ling still staring at the page motionless, Shen Jichen played with the teacup in his hand and continued. The first emperor married only one queen, and the queen gave birth to only one princess. Xue Ling frowned slightly and looked up at him. You want to tell me that you have no royal blood? Shen Jichen smiled bitterly. "Yes, the heir of the overlord is thin, and he only has one son of the first emperor.". But the first emperor had deep feelings for the queen and refused to accept the imperial concubine. "What are your achievements since you ascended the throne?" Xue Ling put down her book and asked carelessly. Silence and silence. Or do you also think that blood is important? Bright eyes looked at him disapprovingly. Even if I do a good job, the minister still thinks that the name is not right. Shen Jichen sighed. So Xue Ling frowned. Shen Jichen smiled, "You will be the queen of the fierce country, the only queen." Xue Ling lowered her eyes. "What if I don't want to?" "You, like me, have no choice." "In exchange, I'll tell you about him." Shen Jichen replaced the word "I" with "I" to call himself, and Xue Ling could not help raising her eyes. Is it the meaning of Nangong Su or Minister Gu Ming? "Not all," Shen Jichen stroked the bright yellow on his body and said lightly. That's why I came alone to talk to you. I know you don't have any feelings for Liguo. After all, you have been away from here for many years. But I think you'll be interested in his affairs, won't you? Xue Ling looked straight at him. "Even if not, you will be a good emperor." "I have only been on the throne for a few years, and although the country has been on track, the foundation has not yet been consolidated, and I cannot take risks." "I can know if you don't tell me." Xue Ling hung her head and covered the complicated look in her eyes. Ha ha,aluminum tile edge trim, "Shen Jichen smiled in a low voice, clasped his long fingers, and stepped back." We already know about your powers, so Linglong is the only one in this palace. In order to avoid the sudden expansion of your ability, with this palace as the center, there is no one within a hundred feet. There is no one around, and Linglong is isolated. I don't know the reason. Can your power be brought into play? He glared at him coldly, raised his hand habitually and stopped at his chest. Seeing Xue Ling's little movements,aluminium tile trim profiles, the smile on Shen Jichen's lips deepened. For a long time, Xue Ling's deep voice sounded. …… How is he? As soon as General Nangong took you away from Lingxiao Palace that day, another group of soldiers from Chenguo suddenly poured out and surrounded the remaining forces of Xuanyuan Yu and killed them all. A few days later, Emperor Xuanyuan Rui of the State of Chen decreed that the six princes should be banned from politics and business for life. He pulled his fists hard until his fingertips turned white and his nails pierced his flesh and blood, but Xue Ling still didn't know it. The imperial edict mentioned that Xuanyuan Yu intended to murder the seven princes Xuanyuan Qing. Originally we were all placed together by Xuanyuan Rui, this time not only removed Xuanyuan Yu, but also let Qing's life experience surface, but also sent her back to the fierce country, separated from Qing. …… Make Xuanyuan Qing crown prince. Xue Ling was stunned and subconsciously grabbed the jade pendant through her clothes. Can it be said that.. "Sikong Qing is not dead, will you shake off the appearance of this walking corpse?" Catching a glimpse of her resentful eyes, the silent dust sighed in a low voice. Believe it or not, it wasn't my intention to kill him. Besides, you have been staying in Chenguo, stainless steel edging strip ,stainless tile trim, isn't it for him. Nangongsu was forced to do so. He got up, straightened his clothes, and turned his back to Xue Ling. Half a month ago, he woke up. So far, there is no action, neither to find you, nor to let people contact you. He may have forgotten you. Xue Ling noncommittally reopened the page she had just read and began to read in silence. Looking back at the silent dust, Xue Ling lowered her head quietly, and the sunshine crossed a layer of golden yellow on her body, and her face was quiet. He suddenly didn't want to disturb the tranquility of the moment, but. He pursed his lips and said in a low voice. On the fifteenth of next month, Xuanyuan Qing will hold an enthronement ceremony at the Imperial Palace. It was also the day after the founding of Chen Guo. With a bang, the book in Xue Ling's hand fell to the ground. She bent down, picked it up, and put it in her arms, looking neither surprised nor angry. Shen Jichen took a deep look at her and walked slowly to the door. Wait Xue Ling suddenly stood up, and the light of her ashen ink eyes flowed. “…… Let me go, and I'll come back with you as soon as the ceremony is over. Brilliant eyes so that Shen Jichen can not move the line of sight, his feet a meal, pushed open the door. …… All right, I promise you. With these words, the door closed gently, and Xue Ling fell down in the recliner, unable to recover for a long time. Chapter 53 "What is this?" Looking at the brocade box in Shen Jichen's hand, Xue Ling asked lightly. The secret medicine of the royal family, it will make you obey the orders of the dispenser. In a month, if you don't come back voluntarily, it will remind you. Shen Jichen handed her the brocade box and explained. It's not that I don't believe you, but that General Nangong and the ministers are not at ease. A month later, when you return to the country, I will give you the antidote. Xue Ling handed a slight meal and took the brocade box. Brocade box is a bottle of liquid medicine, transparent liquid suffused with a faint red. Looking up to see Shen Jichen looking straight at her, Xue Ling picked up the bottle and drank it down. With one hand in the mouth of the bottle, Xue Ling's hand choked, and Shen Jichen sighed. Yes "I knew you wouldn't ask. After a month, this drug will cause severe pain every night. Although it's only for a moment, it makes grown men miserable.". You Are you so desperate to see him? Xue Ling hung her head and her fingertips naturally stroked the jade pendant on her chest. If you make me queen, when you have children, they may force you to abdicate. "Do you want me to let you go?" Shen Jichen shook his head, "not to say that I don't have enough power to compete with them now, they wanted me to be a puppet emperor, but I did more than they expected.". Besides, if you hadn't left the palace, you wouldn't be standing here safely now. Yes "What do you mean?" Xue Ling frowned and looked at Shen Jichen. You are the only daughter of your father. When the queen gave birth to you,stainless steel tile trim, she almost died of bleeding. Therefore, he did not intend to let the queen conceive again, so. 。

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