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"Yes." The woman took the two cosmetic contact lenses, and then pressed them a few times with her hand. It was still a touch screen, and soon there were some rules and regulations. Ten seconds later, Shangguan Nenren saw that the words above suddenly turned into Chinese characters. She immediately laughed and said, "This is the kind of words." "All right." The woman nodded, clicked'confirm ', and then handed the adjusted cosmetic contact lenses to Shangguan Able Person, saying: "The tool for testing combat effectiveness is a set of two pieces, while testing physical fitness, while testing physical energy, the combination of the two will automatically generate combat effectiveness values, this side is to test physical fitness." "It's really high-tech." The superior officer picked it up and looked at the woman, and quickly generated a set of values-35. Is the physical quality only thirty-five? But if, as in the cartoon, the fighting capacity of an adult man is only 5 dregs, then the woman in front of us is only 35 physical qualities and has already exploded'dregs'. The woman also debugs another beautiful pupil very quickly, hand to superior officer able person, way: "Gentleman, you aim two beautiful pupil at me.". Accurate combat effectiveness values can be obtained. "Good." The superior officer took over and aimed this piece at the woman,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, and a value of 48 appeared, and then the values on the two beautiful pupils were fused, and finally the combat effectiveness value of 128 was generated. How is this value calculated? The physical quality is 35, the body energy is 48, but it gives 128 combat effectiveness, which makes Shangguan people very puzzled. We don't really know. The woman shook her head and said, "This seems to be a calculation peculiar to the Empire of Despair.". The formula is very complicated,mirror stainless steel sheet, and although we have worked for the Empire of Despair for more than a year, we have not cracked the formula. "I see." The superior officer looked at the two'huge 'cosmetic contact lenses and asked, "Can they only keep such a big shape?"? Can't you shrink it? "You can zoom out." The woman said, "There are size adjustment options on it, and the gentleman can adjust them to fit the gentleman's size." "I'll look at it first." The superior officer looked at the instructions on the cosmetic contact lenses. Press a few times, quickly find the adjustment size option, and finally adjust to the size suitable for their own wear, at the same time, Shangguan people also found an interesting phenomenon, this pupil will automatically produce cleaning function, the outside touch of the substance will be automatically removed clean. In this way, it will not hurt the eyes. It was the first time for Shangguan Able Person to wear contact lenses. I tried to wear them, but it was a little awkward. But know that this is a temporary inadaptability, Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, slowly adapt to it, after wearing, Shangguan capable person's eyes turned golden. Then he looked at the other nine people on the screen and found that their combat effectiveness was between 100 and 200. Very good, very powerful. The superior officer took off the contact lenses and handed them to the woman, saying, "Come and see how much my fighting capacity is." "All right." The woman wears the beautiful pupil in own eye, then looks at the superior officer capable person's fighting capacity, immediately is shocked extremely: "Two." Two. Twenty-four thousand orders thirteen! "What!?" The other nine were shocked. Twenty-four thousand? The superior officer was stupefied, and then asked with a little excitement, "Is my fighting capacity so high?" The woman covered her mouth with her hands and looked at the superior officer in disbelief. Twenty-four thousand people could not be compared with the king of despair, but they had reached the high-end combat class of the desperate empire, and the combat effectiveness could be improved through practice. If the superior officer's combat effectiveness could continue to improve.. "Eh?" Just when the woman was shocked, she found that the combat effectiveness value on the cosmetic contact lenses had changed: "Two.." 24014. Sir, your fighting power seems to be growing! "What!?" This time not only the nine men, but even the superior officer himself was shocked: "Do you think my fighting capacity is still growing?" "Yes." The woman nods, pleasantly surprised way: "The gentleman is really marvelous, if the gentleman's fighting capacity can grow rapidly, perhaps not many years can reach the level of the king of despair." Ha ha ha, that's good. "Shangguan Able Person is very satisfied to nod, his combat effectiveness is now 24000." Well, zero fourteen, if you reach the level of the king of despair. "Wait a minute." "Wait a minute," said Shangguan Able Man, "and see when my fighting capacity is beating? Let's accurately calculate the speed of my combat effectiveness improvement. "All right." The woman nodded and was happy to do the job. While waiting, the superior officer also chatted with the ten people about something. After almost ten minutes, the woman immediately said excitedly, "Sir, your fighting capacity has improved a little." "How much time?" Asked the superior officer. About ten minutes! The woman was very excited. Watch the time and wait for another ten minutes. The superior officer ordered. All right Now the people also did not have the idea of chatting, one after another nervously and anxiously waiting for the next combat effectiveness of the superior officer. So after 10 minutes, the woman is excited: "Gentleman, grew a bit again!" "Ten minutes!" The other nine people on the screen immediately reported the exact time, and then immediately began to calculate the growth rate of the officer's combat effectiveness. Ten minutes to increase combat effectiveness by 1 point, an hour is 6 points of combat effectiveness, 24 hours a day, 24x6 = 144, a day can increase combat effectiveness by 144 points, 365 days a year, 365x144 = 52560. One More than fifty thousand combat effectiveness a year. Ten people trembled with shock. You Sir You The woman was so excited and incoherent that she finally grasped the hands of the superior officer. Eyes flashing tears: "Sir, you must save our Yas Empire, you must save our Yas Empire, please …" Please.. "Don't get excited." Holding her hand by the woman, Shangguan comforted her by saying, "Don't worry. Leah and I are friends. I promised to help her restore the country at the beginning. So don't worry!"! I will help you. Thank you,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, sir! Thank you sir. Thank you Whoo. Sir The woman wept with joy. The other nine were also very excited and said confusedly, "Thank you, sir." 。

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