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And so on, are quite interesting, Wen Baoyu said: "Yes, I have long known that he is a strange Jianghu." I yawned and looked at the clock. More than half an hour had passed. "Our Jianghu stranger should be here." "He said he had something very strange to tell you," said Wen Baoyu. "I don't know what it is." I laughed. "It could be anything." Wen Baoyu said: "The scope can be narrowed down a little-it must have something to do with his career as a pickpocket." I waved my hand. "That could be anything. By the way, what is Chief Aga's latest activity?" Bai Su had been flipping through a current affairs magazine, which is why I asked her this question. Bai Su immediately replied, "I have made a deal for 40 medium-range missiles, and the buyers are Iran and Iraq." I snorted. There's no difference between an arms broker and a warmonger. Bai Su added: "It is estimated that he can make a profit of 200 million US dollars in this single transaction, but it is speculated that there are even larger transactions going on at the same time, and both buyers and sellers are keeping extremely secret." I suddenly stood up and said, "If it's about this secret in that small box, hum, it's not enough to die with ten Gu Jiufei and ten Wen Baoyu." Wen Baoyu's face was pale, but he put on a stubborn look. Bai Su frowned. Wen Baoyu saw that Bai Su's expression was so serious that his face became even paler. Bai Su heaved a sigh of relief slowly: "It's a completely accidental thing. It can develop into an event that I don't know what it is." Cried Wen Baoyu, "Don't.." Scare me. I hit the table hard: "Gu Jiufei hasn't come yet, so there may be an accident." Everyone was quiet for a while. Silence lasted for three minutes. I was already pressing the phone number. I asked Wen Baoyu for Gu Jiufei's phone number and asked a friend of mine. He had the ability to find out the address of the phone immediately according to the phone number. When I got the address, Wen Baoyu said, "You can wait a little longer." I shook my head: "Maybe it's too late." Wen Baoyu also answered the phone,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, but no one answered. I said with a straight face: "Xiao Bao, you are not allowed to leave here. Things can be big or small. Maybe it's just a false alarm. Maybe." I just said here, the doorbell had already rung. Wen Baoyu moved quickly, sliding down the handrail of the stairs, rushed to the door and opened it. Outside the door stood a very ordinary-looking old man. Wen Baoyu stood still, heaved a sigh of relief, and immediately turned to look at me. That old man is naturally Gu Jiufei,Alumina Ceramic C795, I also breathed a sigh of relief, I do not think that the worries just now are superfluous, how things will develop, no one knows. Bai Su had already gone downstairs. "Uncle Gu?"? My father has often spoken of you. Wen Baoyu also laughed: "I just heard a lot of your legendary stories." When Gu Jiufei came in, he obviously already knew Bai Su's identity, so he made a very strange gift to Bai Su, which was mostly a big gift made by their pickpockets. Then he shook hands with me and introduced himself: "Gu Jiufei, a pickpocket." I have heard many people introduce themselves in front of me, but this is the first time that they call themselves pickpockets. "Wesley.." I said. But for a while, it was difficult for me to give a simple introduction to my identity, so I had to prevaricate. As soon as Wen Baoyu saw me shaking hands with Gu Jiufei, he immediately opened his hand to Gu Jiufei-he had arranged our meeting, and Gu Jiufei should give him what he had promised. Bai Su apparently insisted on her original opinion and called out, 7g Ozone Generator ,Kamado bbq grill, "Xiao Bao." Wen Baoyu pretended not to hear, but still spread out his hands to Gu Jiufei. Gu Jiufei took a step back, smiled, but pointed to me. Wen Baoyu said, "Ah, change the pillar?" Gu Jiufei looked at me, and Bai Su and Wen Baoyu also looked at me. I understood what Gu Jiufei meant. He meant that the small box, at that moment, he had used superb techniques to put it on me. I quickly opened my arms and jumped a few times to show that I had no idea where the thing was on me. It was quite hot that day. Although there was air conditioning in the room, there were not too many clothes to wear. It was easy to see if there was anything hidden. Still smiling, Gu Jiufei said, "Mr. Wei, please don't laugh. It's in your back pocket.". "I looked very surprised-I should be surprised, because he met me, shook hands, always face to face, and he was able to put things in my back pocket, of course, with great difficulty.". When Wen Baoyu heard this, he immediately turned behind me with an "aha" sound. At that time, my arms were still open and flat. General men's trousers, there are two back pockets, Wen Baoyu reached out on the two pockets patted, the voice is confused: "not right." Gu Jiufei was stunned and looked at me. I avoided his eyes. However, Gu Jiufei already knew what was going on. He pretended to lose his voice and said, "No more?"? That's terrible. There is a higher master than me. Wen Baoyu looked out from behind himself: "Who?"? Are the first and second best players here? Gu Jiufei smiled, "I'm afraid he's an amateur." Wen Baoyu naturally understood and looked directly at me. I knew: "Give you ten minutes. If you can find it, you can find it. If you can't find it, you can destroy it according to the original plan. Don't let it exist." Gu Jiufei was surprised. "Why?" I explained to him in a very simple way, and at the same time, I reminded him that he had brought that thing on the body of Chief Aga, which might have caused great trouble for himself and Wen Baoyu. At that time, Wen Baoyu circled around me and opened my hands to see. It made sense for him to do that, because as soon as Gu Jiufei entered the door, he saluted Bai Su first and then shook hands with me. Naturally, at that time, he put something into my back pocket. And I, the "amateur master", immediately noticed, took things out again, and moved the place. I have been standing, not moving,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, the biggest possibility is that things are still on my body. So Wen Baoyu not only turned me around, but also searched me at will-since I promised to give him ten minutes to look for it, I couldn't stop him.

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