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"I what?" Ye yuanpeng approached her and asked, "Are you talking about your father?"! How many Ye family members have you met? How much do you know about the Ye family? In your mind, I am "superior, self-righteous'?" ". Ziqiao couldn't stand this kind of arrogant interrogation. "Teng" stood up and spilled the juice on the tea table. She went to the door and said, "Ye yuanpeng, don't bully people too much. If you can say anything about Liu Wang, just say it. If you can't, just forget it. Anyway, I won't ask you for help in the future!" With that, she opened the door and wanted to go, but saw Honglian standing outside the door with a tray of two glasses of wine. Ye yuanpeng walked over and closed the door with a bang, shutting the red lotus out of the door. You haven't answered my question, "he said." In your mind, I'm the superior, self-righteous'? ". "That's what you are," said Ziqiao. "At least I said, ''!" For profit and by fair means or foul. ' He clenched her wrist, as if to crush her, and he was eerily quiet, like the sea in the middle of the night, so dark that danger could strike at any time. After looking at her carefully,Pi tape measure, he nodded and let go of her hand. He said, "No matter how you struggle, you still have something to do with the Ye family, don't you?"? Younger female cousin Ziqiao said, "Yes, even if it's Chong Porcelain and yuan Ting, I should also call you'Big Brother '. There are many opportunities to meet in the future. We'd better live in peace and treat each other with courtesy. I'll respectfully call you'Big Brother'!" I agree! Then, I have the responsibility to finish the story-Liu Qian hates you for seducing her Han Feng. She calls out some women's phone numbers and mobile phone numbers from Han Feng's mobile phone,Diameter tape measure, including yours. It is said that she just wanted Liu Wang to teach you a lesson, but Liu Wang recognized you. Do you remember the pictures we took at Yanhu Resort? Ye yuanpeng sighed, "In order to make gas, we tore so much. We don't want it, but someone picked it up and put it away.". Now it has become a good way for Liu Wang to make money. Ziqiao remembered those photos, some of which were taken on location, some of which were taken while playing with yuan Peng in pajamas, and a few of which she was forced into bed. "I've torn up the bad ones, haven't I?" Did Liu Wang put it together? Ziqiao turned pale. Ye yuanpeng nodded and said, "These photos are worth money. There are at least three or four buyers!"! Enough for him to take drugs until he dies! You won't buy it! He can only blackmail me! Ziqiao asked. Ye yuanpeng became interested and joked, "Oh?"? So little confidence in yourself? Even if I don't buy it, there are still people who will buy it. It depends on whether Liu Wang has that brain. You really know me, I will not be limited by people, especially that kind of stuff! Ziqiao calmed down for a while and said to Ye yuanpeng with a smile, "We are very similar in this respect. Thank you for telling me the situation. You don't have to worry about the rest." She has been tough in front of him, fish measuring tape ,Walking measuring wheel, today can not show weakness, she gritted her teeth, said: "I really intend to take a photo or something, has not had the opportunity, this can show his face, but also accompanied by diamond-level characters!"! I don't think you'll mind! Ye yuanpeng also smiled, eyes are full of her, but she opened the door and went out, that moment, Ye yuanpeng infinite loss, perhaps two people no longer intersect. He followed her out and drove her. She lives in a mid-range neighborhood. In the evening, there were many residents taking a leisurely walk downstairs. Aunt Tong took Longbao and Fengbao to buy ice cream at the gate of the community. Ziqiao saw them from a distance. Ye yuanpeng also looked over there. She felt weak in her heart. Fortunately, when Ziqiao got out of the car, Aunt Tong did not lead the child to meet her, but looked thoughtfully at Ye yuanpeng's Lexus and nodded to the people in the car. Ziqiao looked back at Ye yuanpeng. It turned out that Ye yuanpeng had lowered the window and waved his hand to them. Long Bao and Feng Bao called "Ma Mi" and "Little Mother" to Ziqiao's bosom, so far away, Ziqiao calculated that Ye yuanpeng could not hear. How time flies! In a flash, it's almost the Dragon Boat Festival, but Liu Wang has no movement at all. Aunt Tong has been with Longbao and Fengbao for more than a month. Ziqiao goes to work during the day and is always surprised when she comes home at night: Aunt Tong takes care of the children easily, the room is neat, the children's clothes are clean, and when she gets off work, the food is ready. One Saturday morning, Ziqiao wanted to take care of her children at home and let Aunt Tong have a rest, but Fengbao was clamoring to go to Grandma Tong's house, but when she arrived at Grandma Tong's house, she acted shamelessly, shouting in her mouth: "I want Wolf Mom, I want Wolf Mom!" Recently, Ziqiao felt that Fengbao had become so bad that she always cried to frighten people, but Longbao was obedient and always followed Grandpa Tong to water the flowers and plants and loosen the soil. Ziqiao picked up Fengbao and coaxed, "Mother Wolf wants to eat more meat. We don't look for Mother Wolf!"! My Fengbao is good, my Fengbaoxiang, my Fengbao is Mommy's big treasure meat! When Ziqiao finished, she remembered that Uncle Tong was on one side. Every time she was intimate with Fengbao, Uncle Tong always took off and didn't like to see it. This was the taboo of the strange old man. Uncle Tong didn't leave this time. He took Feng Bao into his hands and said, "Don't cry!"! Grandpa will take you to Mother Wolf. With that, he went downstairs with Fengbao alone. Long Bao was imitating Grandma Tong to wrap Zongzi. He put the leaves of Zongzi into a small basin, which made the floor full of water and wet his body. Ziqiao changed his clothes again. Aunt Tong said, "Uncle Tong will definitely take Fengbao to find the'Wolf Mother '." It is estimated that she will come back in the afternoon. The'Wolf Mother' is a relative of mine. She likes girls and Fengbao.. You can only take Longbao with you today. I have to wrap these Zongzi out. Ziqiao thought that she had promised yuanting to match the earrings, so she might as well take Longbao with her. yuan Ting and Zi Qiao are both beautiful. They walk together with a handsome boy, and the rate of turning heads is quite high. The earrings were matched and the clothes were bought. yuan Ting bought a lot, Ziqiao only bought a silk short-sleeved jacket, the color and style are very chic, but wearing Ziqiao on the body looks old-fashioned. yuan Ting shook her head and said, "You won't wear it after 20 years, will you?" "I bought it for my neighbor," said Ziqiao. yuan Ting also remembered something and said,Walking tape measure, "Well, I also think this dress is good. If my aunt wears it, she will feel rich and kind. I haven't been home to see my aunt for a long time." 。

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