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"Not good, little demon, do you still want to carve one more'seal of love 'on my god-like face?"? Willful so lovely ~ ~ "Qingyang spoiled light smile way, pulled my twisted waving catkin close to the lips kiss," Hee, the little demon's fingers are green and slender, so beautiful, the nails are round and crimson, so beautiful.. I really want to bite off one by one and eat it into my stomach. " W\w#} kY t& [ industrial racking systems, sucking them lightly. The hot and humid feeling of the fine itching of the fingertips has aroused a series of inexplicable surging emotions in me. Confused, the palm suddenly a pain in the heart. M; OMsR CVO |KS,k |) . "Ah!" The scream of pain was strangled in the throat by the ribbon and turned into an out-of-tune sob. cmX f m~Q24Z]!'& Smelly boy, actually narrow-minded bite me?! w=r D8 @ \#B<'J9 .` Qingyang loosened his teeth and licked them a few times. "Does it hurt?" Fang Heya asked with a smile. 9 ` Fw}yAt : N$ -SV Can ten fingers connect the heart without pain?! I nodded obediently and choked a few times begging for mercy. <.gDg ? '3 ) =2 9Hm" "Tut,automated warehouse systems, so pitiful, it seems to really hurt." Be good, don't be afraid of it, just lick it ~ ~ "The hot and humid breath spurted in the palm with his words, and the greasy tip of the tongue teased deliberately in the palm with a keen sense of touch. I shivered a little, and my heart was full of palpitations.". X~ J P 1 9CeR^ / i With an emotional gasp, I listened to the evil smile of Wolong behind me. "Sensitive little girl, just licking her little hands will feel it?" Said, teardrop pallet racking ,metal racking systems, buried deep in the body of the long finger at the same time hook big move, "unexpectedly so running water, really let a person angry reaction." The evil voice was suddenly cold. OVe0 {} j TS sZzsdr2 Blinded eyes can not see things, can not see their expressions, but Wolong condensation of the tone of voice or let me shudder. Is nervous, pepper milk on a sudden pain, ah! I was caught off guard by the sudden bounce of the bow and the instinctive protection of my chest from the clamped hand. l$ /lb wi% 'O ziP Pow. g)#{< # 2 &E Qhk 9j The palm seemed to touch something in the process of advancing towards the chest, with a clear sound. ~RuX2u-2&u r%ES#\L6+| Crunch-The grinding of teeth that someone is familiar with is followed immediately. P:^A9&_n= =xI ' |% "Unexpectedly." How dare you hit me in the face? The sharp voice of Qingyang Rampage sounded again. :BF ? r L9 D`hefz Definitely not on purpose! It's none of my business that you ran into it! && X ,1/ A]/ o- S_ As soon as my heart was in a panic, I nodded my head to apologize and beg for forgiveness. I don't want Qingyang to be more angry. 1 q; v|F \be O5]KS< You're still nodding?! Does that mean I deserve it?! NXY jb(4: ` a& kD|Yh That's not what I meant! I shook my head again. u]J@ 65~'b W_\zx a0-Xj g g ;r ; 3u "Hum, brother don't be deceived, simply think that she is still'small 'or the original green little demon.". Over the past year, she has had a lot of contact with men. She only touched her a few times just now, and she felt it so quickly. This kind of keen reaction can only be achieved after careful training. With a strange smile, Qingyang suddenly pulled up my arm and tied it tightly with soft cloth. I don't know what height the other end was tied to, but it hung me up half, n R! E. = P- &d N His uncertain temperament and means have always frightened me,push back racking system, and hanging me up is clearly a revenge for the "one hand revenge" just now. Half of the body hanging in the air feeling of powerlessness inexplicably let me panic, trying to break free a few times fruitless. His chest suddenly cooled, and his two big palms covered my shaking circle. 8! g `bC#% kmuksT\)a。



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