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You know, that kind of power instantly rushed to the critical point of the great realm, can not be suppressed, if not timely combing, let the power run around in the body, a bad one is easy to explode and die. She has devoted herself to advanced training, and she has no other things to attend to. She did not know that there were many disturbances in the outside world because of her sudden disappearance. Apart from Xianjun himself, no one knows his overall deployment, and no one knows who his enemies are. Looking at the hot search that caused a sensation on the Internet, he had no idea that things would come to this. Gods with priesthood can absorb the power of faith, and the temples of Baidi Mountain all over the country are enough to tell him who the little girl who has been against him is. When a large number of ghosts were put in Z city, he did not expect that his arrangement would make a wedding dress for his opponent. After all, the religious atmosphere in the country was not friendly at that time. Now, so many people from all over the country have begun to believe in Lu Lingbao, the mountain God. He did not know how much strength it would give her, but it would not be too little. When he came to his senses, believers from all over the country swarmed in, but Lu Lingbao suddenly disappeared in Z city. He quickly judged that this was his chance! What situation would cause a practitioner to hide in a hurry? Only when it's advanced. Because at that time they were so weak that they could not tolerate any disturbance or accident. He knows very well how weak a human practitioner is,Magnesium Oxide powder, and the person who poses a threat to him has never appeared, so there is no one to protect her. He could take a gamble, if he could devour Lu Lingbao, who had no resistance at this time, why should he worry about breaking the seal! Breaking the seal, even the man could not easily do anything to him. This great temptation prompted him to start searching for Lu Lingbao around Z city. Even if she has a breath amulet,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, but the spirit is advanced, above the fairyland, no matter how there will be a very amazing fluctuation of Reiki, but not a breath amulet can cover up. It was not until the third day, when the search area had exceeded 1000 kilometers, that he found a huge Reiki whirlpool in the Wuling Mountains. God help me! He rushed over excitedly, but never thought that the seemingly ordinary Xiaolou would have such a powerful boundary. Incredibly, he got up from the ground. He hadn't been hurt for many years, but he was hurt by the boundary of the small building. Is this because the man he fears is nearby? Apart from that man, he could not think of anyone in the world whose cultivation was stronger than his. It would be too dangerous if the man really found out that he had sneaked out a part of his soul. He could not afford the risk, nor did he dare to confirm his guess, and immediately fled the scene. No, for today's sake, Magnesium Oxide price ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, it is still necessary to break the seal earlier to restore freedom. Lu Lingbao, who was just making trouble for him, was going to retreat, so he could also seize the opportunity to act. Moreover, her followers could not be allowed to expand indefinitely. Thinking about this, as soon as he fled back to safety, he began to busily let people arrange it. Many people left the Baidi Mountain Temple, which was widely spread throughout the country, but they were disappointed. For three days in a row, many people said they had not seen the miracle mentioned by netizens. There was no amulet, and those who worshipped God with themselves did not seem to hear the revelation of God. Such a thing came back to the Internet and triggered a discussion again. Previously, the heat of the temple of Baidi Mountain made the believers of the mountain God very excited. This feeling was like their idol was about to catch fire. They wished they had more hands and feet to make the heat higher. The original believers came out to refute: "The mountain temple is not without a threshold, not everyone can get the protection of the mountain God!" "In the past, there was a thief who went to ask for the first prize, but the mountain God did not give it to him. He was disrespectful to the mountain God and was thrown out of the mountain temple." "Yes, if you want to be blessed by the mountain God, you must accumulate virtue and do good deeds." It boils down to the same meaning. If you don't get the amulet and divine enlightenment, don't blame the mountain God for not working. Reflect on whether your character is not good. Everyone was dubious and did not see the divine revelation, and the faith of this part of the new believers immediately became precarious. To add insult to injury, there was also a hot search at this time, # Baidi Mountain Temple Fraud. Someone said that he had a lumbago and went to the Baidi Mountain Temple in a certain place to worship the gods. The temple said that he was haunted by evil spirits and was fooled by hundreds of thousands of donations. Later, the lumbago was still not cured. When he went to the hospital for an examination, it was only a lumbar disc herniation. As soon as the incident came out, it seemed to have attracted great attention from netizens. Within an hour, there were thousands of comments, which quickly climbed onto the hot search list of Weibo. The comments with the most likes are almost all the same: "I have been cheated by Baidi Mountain Temple before. Their temple is very black-hearted. They are very good at watching people's dishes. Under the guise of piety to the gods, they always squeeze your money as much as possible.". In that case, you dare not give less at all. "Indeed, if you look at the posture of the whole country buying water army and building temples, you will know that the backstage must be unusual. Ordinary people can't afford to offend, so they can only destroy money and eliminate disasters." "Sympathize with the landlord, I have been cheated, but I am more thick-skinned, pretending to be poor only gave them a few thousand yuan to let me out." Overnight, it seems that many victims who were deceived in the temple of Baidi Mountain appeared and nailed the temple of Baidi Mountain to the pillar of shame for cheating money and having evil intentions. People who don't know the truth think it's reasonable to open so many temples in major cities across the country. How much does it cost. It is said that they are all invested by large groups across the country. Will the capitalists spend so much money for nothing? It must be for more benefits. This is not, a swindled, less than a few thousand yuan, more than hundreds of thousands, will not be able to return soon? What does it matter if one is deceived? As long as the network public opinion keeps up with it, there will be more than one billion people in the whole country,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and they are afraid that no fool will continue to go? The rhythm was quickly brought up. In the Internet age, the flow of information is so fast that the upsurge of worshipping the Baidi Mountain Temple lasted only three days, and most of it went down because of this hot search. Ordinary people do not know that the movement of Baidi Mountain Temple is also quietly watched by the top families.



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