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Hearing the news, Jiang Lingwan was lying on the silk couch, letting Xue Zheng feed her lotus seed soup one mouthful at a time. Xue Zheng twisted his eyebrows and said, "It's really cheap for her.". Such a man with a heart of snakes and scorpions should be cut to pieces to relieve his anger. After scolding, she immediately turned soft and said, "Cancan, come on, ah-take another bite." Jiang Lingwan had no choice but to open his mouth and eat a bowl of lotus seed soup cleanly. Then he blinked and said, "Well, my uncle and aunt have sent someone over. If you don't leave, they'll come with a feather duster tomorrow." Xue Zheng took the veil from Kumquat's hand, wiped the corners of his mouth for his little cousin, and muttered, "I don't trust you." Her little cousin, like her brother, was born to be bullied. How could she rest assured? Jiang Lingwan smiled and said, "a fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. Besides, isn't it all right for me?"? I will be careful of the people around me in the future, and you can rest assured. Speaking of this, Xue Zheng nodded. After Xue Zheng left, Jiang Lingwan asked Kumquat to prepare a pen and paper for her. After writing the letter, he gave it to Kumquat and told her, "Send this letter secretly to Rong Wang Fu and give it to Cousin Cong. Remember not to let anyone find it." A meal of kumquat. She knew that this would affect her daughter's reputation, but today the girl suffered such a great grievance, the heart must be thinking of Rong Shizi. "Don't worry,Teardrop Pallet Racking, Miss Liu," she said. "The maidservant must do it well." · In the evening, Jiang Lingwan washed up and lay on the couch, waiting for the second watch to pass before he heard the sound of "Tuk Tuk Tuk" coming from the window. Her face on a happy, hurriedly put on sleeping shoes off her, barefoot ran to the front of the window, the window opened. Lu Cong stood outside. When he received her letter today, he was a little surprised to see that the messenger was her personal servant girl, so he believed it. Instead of going in,heavy duty cantilever racks, he stood outside, looked up and down, and asked, "What's the matter?" Although she likes to fool around, she is very concerned about her reputation. The last time he came in the middle of the night, it was because of the urgency of the matter, which made him more distant. But I just saw her in Yipinju yesterday, and I saw her well. Jiang Lingwan did not speak, only let him hurry in, so as not to be seen. Lu Cong did not hesitate, easily jumped up the window, and then came down and stood in front of her, "can." The voice did not fall, but saw the little girl's hands open, firmly hugged his body. Smelling the fragrance on her body, Lu Cong's body suddenly tightened up. He couldn't help hugging her gently. He bowed his head and kissed the top of her hair. He said softly, "Have you been wronged?"? Or was he punished by his aunt? The little girl in her arms shook her head. "I just miss you a little," said Jiang Lingwan in a soft voice. Today, cantilever racking system ,wire mesh decking, she was really angry with Jiang Lingrong, but to her delight, she no longer had to worry about her body, she could give birth to a child for Lu Cong. Great. She couldn't wait to see him and share her joy with him. Hearing this, Lu Cong's eyes suddenly brightened. He raised his hand and stroked her long hair, then lowered his head and held her little face and kissed her gently. Jiang Lingwan felt an itch on his face and quickly shrank his head. It's a big night. Get close to each other, but something will happen. Jiang Lingwan's eyes were bright and he whispered, ".." No more kisses. Lu Cong's voice was a little hoarse. "Good," he said. Why are you so obedient. Jiang Lingwan felt a little bored, curled his lips, and when he noticed that his feet were a little cold, he went up to the couch. Lu Cong sat on the edge of the couch, his eyes looking at the little girl's bed, and when he found two pillows side by side on the couch, his eyes shone, as if two small flames had suddenly ignited. Jiang Lingwan turned around and looked at the two pillows. Knowing that Lu Cong had misunderstood them, he burned his face and quickly explained, "Cousin Zheng slept with me yesterday. This pillow is hers." …… Where did Lu Cong think of. Chapter 095: · Lu Cong is calm, although disappointed, but also the complexion does not change "um", and then from the bosom out of a pack of snacks wrapped in a paper bag. Jiang Lingwan glanced at it, looked down, and saw that it was her favorite Zongzi candy inside. For a moment, the corners of his happy mouth turned up: "For me?" "I bought it by the way," said Lu Cong. ” Jiang Lingwan suddenly felt a little funny, and did not care whether he was on the way or not, anyway, for him, East Street and West Street are also on the way. She grinned and muttered softly, "I'm not a child anymore." When she was a child, Lu Cong was kind to her, and every time she went to Rongwangfu, or when he came to Weiguogongfu, he would prepare some snacks for her, mostly cakes, preserves, candies and so on. Now that she was thirteen years old and a big girl, he even used this trick to coax her. Had she not made up her mind to marry him, how could she coax the little girl with such means as Lu Cong? Only now, Jiang Lingwan looked a little greedy. This Zongzi candy looks beautiful, triangular, and looks like Zongzi. Zongzi candy is made of maltose juice. It looks crystal clear and has Zongzi fragrance. It is decorated with a little milky white pine nuts, nuts and roses. It tastes sweet and fragrant, and is most popular with children. On weekdays, Jiang Lingwan does not eat after washing at night, one is to protect his teeth, the other is to worry about getting fat, today looking at this Zongzi candy, he thought it would be okay to make an exception. As soon as she raised her hand to take it, she saw Lu Cong take it back. She winked and said, "Cousin Cong?" Why don't you give it to her again? Lu Cong thought for a moment and said earnestly, "Let's eat tomorrow.". It's not good to eat sugar at night. It hurts your teeth. Do you really think she's a child? Is this to coax the daughter or the wife? Come on, when he has a daughter, it's not too late for him to coax again. Jiang Lingwan thought, grabbed Lu Cong's arm, picked up a Zongzi candy from the paper bag in his palm,asrs warehouse, put it in his mouth, curled his lips and said, "It doesn't matter to eat it once in a while." 。



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