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With the fall of Su Ruoxue's shout, thousands of soft and auspicious white lights appeared in the sky, sprinkling on the group of operators with undead creatures. Those undead creatures immediately screamed and turned to ashes under the light, while the rest of the operators only felt extremely comfortable. Some places with new injuries and old pains on their bodies also recovered under the light. § Yun ÷ Xuan Ge ↓ UNxuαnge, CO "Shit …" In the sky is fighting with Xiao Yifeng four people in the sky, see the dead creature below was instantly destroyed by Su Ruoxue with magic, can not help but feel surprised, watching Su Ruoxue eyes emerge killing machine. As soon as Su Ruoxue sent out the light to all living beings, Xiao Yifeng began to keep a close eye on the demon, fearing that he would kill Su Ruoxue. Now, seeing his eyes showing the opportunity to kill, he immediately jumped back to the three daughters of Su ruoxue and shouted, "End the battle array!" The other three people who were fighting with the demon retreated one after another. Su Ruoxue's three daughters jumped to meet the four retreating men and, together with them, formed a six-by-one formation in the air. With Xiao Yifeng holding the "Canglong Sword" in the middle, Su Ruoxue, Ji Yalin, Helian Aotian, Shuiyue'er, Renault, and Lieluosi surrounded Xiao Yifeng from six different angles one meter away from his whole body, sending out the magic and fighting spirit of his whole body. At the same time that the six people are sending out magic and fighting spirit,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, Xiao Yifeng immediately runs the "Sky Jue" to send out the magic and fighting spirit in his body, pulling the magic and fighting spirits of the other six people together, and sending them out all over his seven people, forming an attack formation of the Seven Extinction Demon Array. "Seven can be in one!" Uh The demon looked at the formation of the seven of Xiao Yifeng in a little surprise and snorted coldly, "Is this your formation?"? I want to see how powerful it can be! "Then you try it!" Xiao Yifeng looked at the demon and said lightly. He put his hand against Renault's back and injected the thunder dragon gas into his body. He shouted: "Seven can be one, thunder dragon gas!" When Renault heard this, he immediately quoted the overbearing magic and fighting spirit of his whole body and raised his gun to the sky. A thunderbolt shot out of the tip of the gun and rushed into the sky. Suddenly, there was a burst of thunder in the sky,jacuzzi swim spa, and in an instant, rolling dark clouds emerged and spread. The sky quickly darkened, and hundreds of thunderbolts fell from the air and merged into the running thunder gun. Then a deafening sound of dragon singing sounded, a 100-meter-long, full of thunder and lightning purple dragon gas from the thunder gun suddenly flashed out, carrying the rolling thunder from the sky, baring teeth and waving claws in the air, the momentum is terrible! Sorcerer, pick up my thunder dragon spirit! Renault is surprised to look at the sky thunder dragon gas of the demon shouted, brandished a gun pointed at the demon, thunder dragon gas immediately dragon Yin, with a strong current to the demon. In the face of the thunder dragon gas that rushed to him, the day demon did not cut a cold hum, carrying ten percent of the fighting gas, the undead demon knife suddenly split out, jacuzzi manufacturers ,endless pool factory, using a type of undead Yin Feng chop to offset the attack of the thunder dragon gas. With the disappearance of Brontosaurus Qi, the thunder and clouds in the sky gradually dispersed. Why is this the only ability in your formation? The demon looked at the seven of Xiao Yifeng with a look of ridicule on their faces and said in a cold voice, "Now it's time to talk about my attack!" Then the figure flashed, rushed to Xiao Yifeng seven people, brandished a knife to cut the greatest threat to him Su Ruoxue. On the left and right sides of Su Ruoxue, Ji Yalin and Lieluosi saw the attack of the sky demon, and immediately joined forces to force it back. The sky demon immediately changed its direction and attacked the water moon holding the wind spirit bow. Helian Aotian and Renault immediately made a move to help Shuiyue resist the attack. The day demon sees this situation sneer at, the figure flashes again and again to change the defense to attack seven people, as long as seven people counterattack he then draws back, then comes forward to attack again. The seven people of Xiao Yifeng, who had formed a formation, did not take him for a while. Xiao Yifeng saw that the demon used the way of fighting to attack, although he had no philosophy, but looked at the situation of the two armies below, their own side occupied a great advantage, also happy to spend so much with the demon, anyway, he now also took his own seven people can not do anything. On the wall of Aoyue City in the rear, Liu Linger looked at the struggle between the seven of Xiao Yifeng and the demon. She couldn't see who had the advantage, so she opened her mouth to Lan Mengfei beside her and asked, "Mengfei, who has the advantage between Yifeng and that bad guy?" Lan Mengfei looked at the seven of Xiao Yifeng and the demon in the struggle and explained, "None of them has an advantage. It's a waste of time now!" Liu Linger Wen Yan looked at the seven people and one demon in the struggle, and was surprised that the bad guy was so fierce that Xiao Yifeng could not have an advantage together. They all could see that the seven people of Xiao Yifeng and the demon could not do anything about each other. After fighting for a while, the demon also found that the formation of the seven people in front of them was really strong and unusual. They cooperated properly. They knew that they could no longer consume time with them. They immediately jumped back, carried ten percent of the fighting spirit horizontal knife to the seven people of Xiao Yifeng, and used the second type of "undead sword formula", "undead devouring soul chop", which was 200 meters long. With a whoosh, he suddenly shot out of the undead demon knife and cut off the seven people of Xiao Yifeng. At the same time, as early as when the sky demon was retreating, the seven people of Xiao Yifeng, who were prepared, also used the light dragon gas and wind dragon gas of the unity of seven abilities. Roar. Roar.. Accompanied by the sound of two deafening dragon songs, hundreds of meters of light dragon gas and wind dragon gas "roared" to offset the attack of the undead devouring the soul. Hum When Lieluosi saw that he had offset the sword spirit of the demon, he immediately shouted angrily, quoted the strong magic and fighting spirit of his whole body, and wielded the axe of the earth to use the third form of "Earth Axe Jue", "Sky Collapse and Earth Crack". A huge axe hundreds of meters long appeared out of thin air, mixed with a howling sandstorm and strong momentum, and suddenly split at the demon. In the face of the attack of the axe gas, the demon immediately carried ten percent of the fighting gas to continuously wield the undead Yin Feng Chop, and the undead devoured the soul to chop two types of knives. Boom, boom. Boom.. There was a burst of explosion, and the axe gas collided with the two knife gas to produce a violent explosion, and the strong air flow danced in the air. Seeing this, the seven of Xiao Yifeng and the demon were lucky enough to resist the dancing air current. Fortunately, it is in the air, if it is on the ground,outdoor whirlpool tub, the army below can be miserable! Whoosh.. Just as the demon counteracted the impact of the air flow, a long roar sounded, and a one-meter-long arrow composed of wind elements flew to the left of the demon.

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