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Founder, CEO and Community Organizer

PSPNY means everything to me as a Parent. As a child, remember the feeling of the most "Abandonment". Noticing the unloved and unwanted. This tends to happen to children who are given away by their parents and DOE only made it worse. Everyone was sure to tell me how I didn’t have family and belonged to no one. The teachers were not nurturing and did not have any sympathy for any young black girls. I did hate myself and became very violent for many years.


When my first child entered the world, I was 18 years old and thinking differently. Realizing that parents especially black and brown parents rarely have the support of any kind from society. Wasn't easy raising one child and then I noticed parents need support.


What if there was a place where parents could support each other? 

Where they can offer mental and emotional support to each other to form a bond of unity and pull their money together to help each other out?


After being a Parent leader for years, I decided to start an organization that did just that. A place where Parent's voices would be heard, respected, and valued. Certainly didn’t just want a seat at the table for Parents, need to bring community tables for the parents.


The pandemic accelerated my desire to form Parents Supporting Parents NY. Wanting to see parents working together with teachers in unity to make sure that our children get the quality culturally responsive education that our children deserve. Parents needed a place where they wouldn’t be judged. parents can come and support other parents who need it for interactions with their child's school or the DOE.


While there are organizations for parents there isn’t one built and run by parents. As a person with little family to turn to, I know how hard it is to be a parent trying to raise their kids and deal with the education system with no support. 

My mission is that PSPNY will become a national organization of parents. Where PSPNY can help many parents emotionally and financially. From helping with anything the children need to pay light bills and rent when needed. There are so many things parents need help with and we need to do everything to provide the necessary help. As a parent, I know how important support is while raising children. 


This organization is here to support parents to increase the nurturing

of the child and the parent so both can thrive in society.





An activist in her community, who lives in Uptown Manhattan with her husband, three children, and lovely cats.  Nasheema has been affiliated with PSPNY since its humble beginning. She oversees the daily operation at PSPNY, and she humbly loves serving the community by helping her people come together to help themselves out.


Youth Secretary and Advocate

Rayne is a 21-year-old community activist and mother, who has been working side by side with her mother, Tanesha Grant.  She started her work by leading Marches in the New York City streets. She helps organize actions that bring awareness to the unjust doing of the government. Such as more funding for DOE schools, defunding the police, and many government-related issues.  She serves on the Healing-Centered Schools working group task force, as a youth advocate. Rayne also helps organize the youth for actions that bring awareness to racial injustices in the community she resides in, and beyond. Rayne started working with her mom for PSPNYINC in the summer of 2020.  Her biggest passion currently is fighting for high-quality culturally responsive education in our New York City schools



Operations Coordinator

Gina has been an activist for as long as she can recall but only started to work for Black Liberation in 2020 when she joined Moms United for Black Lives under the leadership of Tanesha Grant.  In her role as Operations Coordinator, she works to keep all of the organization's processes streamlined. In her spare time, Gina loves reading, traveling, exploring restaurants, and spending time with her family. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and two children.


Senior Advisor

Elzora has been a senior Parents Supporting Parents NY advisor since its inception. She is a resident of New York City and a member of New York Communities for Change. She graduated from SUNY Old Westbury College, majoring in Accounting.​She dedicates most of her free time as a Parent Leader and Public Education Advocate. She has served as President of the Community Education Council District 2, PTA President, and 1st Vice President of Delta Sigma Theta's Sorority Bronx Alumnae Chapter. Elzora served on the Panel for Educational Policy, appointed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio. Elzora also focuses on Housing issues, Civil Injustices, Climate Change, and quality of life advocacy. Elzora uses her managerial skills, public speaking, organizing, and training skills to support organizations like Moms United 4 Black Lives NY, The New York City Coalition for Educational Justice, The Alliance for Quality Education, Journey 4 Justice, Citizen Action New York, the United Federation of Teachers, Working Families Party, Community Board 4, Chelsea Reform Democratic Club and several other Unions and Organizations.



Documentarian and Transportation Coordinator

Suzie has been an activist since Reagan was elected and No Nukes was a thing. The rights of Native people have been a passion that led her to make a documentary film about Leonard Peltier. She’s been an anti-death penalty, environmental, and pro-choice activist for decades. In 2016, the backlash against white women who voted for Trump forced her to make a change. The change was to find and follow Black Women's leadership. Tanesha Grant has provided this righteous leadership. Suzie is often found walking with a video camera or driving comrades in her car. She is a single mom living in Manhattan with two kids in college.


Administrative Director

An activist in her community, who lives in Uptown Manhattan with her husband, three children, and lovely cats.  Nasheema has been affiliated with PSPNY since its humble beginning. She oversees the daily operation at PSPNY, and she humbly loves serving the community by helping her people come together to help themselves out.

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