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Founder, CEO & Community Organizer

PSPNY means everything to me as a Parent. As a child, I remember one feeling the most "Abandoned". I felt unloved and unwanted. This tends to happen to children that are given away by their parents. School only made it worst. Everyone was sure to tell me how I didn’t have family and belonged to no one. My teachers were not nurturing and did not have any sympathy for the young black girl. I hated myself and became very violent for many years.

I started to think different when I had my daughter at 18. I realized that parents especially black and brown parents rarely have support of any kind from society.” You had those kids you raise those kids” period. It’s not that easy and parents need support.

I started to think about what if there was a place where parents could support each other? Where they can offer mental and emotional support to each other and form a bond of unity and pull their money together to help each other out?

After being a Parent leader for years, I decided I wanted to start an organization that did just that. A place where Parents voices would be heard, respected and valued. I didn’t just want a seat at the table for Parents, I wanted to bring my own table.

The pandemic accelerated my desire to form Parents Supporting Parents NY. I wanted to see parents working together with teachers in unity towards making sure that our children get the quality culturally responsive education that our children deserve. Parents needed a place where they wouldn’t be judged. I wanted parents to also be there to support other parents that needed it for interactions with their child's school or the DOE.

While there are organizations for parents there isn’t one built and ran by parents. As a person with little family to turn to, I know how hard it is to be a parent trying to raise their kids and deal with the education system with no support. My mission is that PSPNY will become a national organization of parents. Where PSPNY can help many parents emotionally and financially. From helping with anything the children need to paying light bills and rent when needed. There are so many things parents need help with and I want to do everything I can to provide that help.

As a parent I know how important support is while raising children. This organization is here to support parents to increase nurturing of the child and the parent so both can thrive in society.

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