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Our Team: Meet the Team


Operations Coordinator

Gina has been an activist for as long as she can recall but only started to work for Black Liberation in 2020 when she joined Moms United for Black Lives under the leadership of Tanesha Grant. In her role as Operations Coordinator, she works to keep all of the organization's processes streamlined. In her spare time, Gina loves reading, traveling, exploring restaurants, and spending time with her family. She lives on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with her husband and two children.



Outreach Coordinator

Paulette is a child of the 60's and as such, has been involved in social activism since the 80's. One of her earliest protests goes back to 1983 when the NYPD murdered 25 year old graffiti artist Michael Stewart while in police custody. Paulette was arrested in February 1999 protesting the death of Amadou Diallo. She remains active to this day by holding elected officials accountable for countless issues that are ignored in Black and Brown communities. As Outreach Coordinator for PSPNYINC, Paulette identifies other community based organizations to partner with. She volunteers with We The People doing mutual aid in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn every Thursday.

Paulette lives in Brooklyn is currently single, retired from Verizon Communications, mother to a 36 year old son, loves dancing, house music,  jazz, traveling and fine dining.



Documentarian and Transportation Coordinator

Suzie has been an activist since Reagan was elected and No Nukes was a thing. The rights of Native people have been a passion that led her to make a documentary film about Leonard Peltier. She’s been an anti death penalty, enviromental, pro choice activist for decades. In 2016, the backlash against white women who voted for Trump forced her to make a change. The change was to find and follow Black Women leadership. Tanesha Grant has provided this righteous leadership. Suzie is often found walking with a video camera or driving comrades in her car. She is a single mom living in Manhattan with two kids in college.



Multi-Media Designer and Housing Specilist

At the age of 15 Robert experienced the horrible abyss of white supremacy. Assaulted physically, emotionally and mentally by racist white kids in the suburbs of Syracuse, NY for simply having Black and Hispanic friends, Robert became a dj and immersed himself in Hip Hop culture. Establishing deep relationships with people of different cultural, racial and class backgrounds than him, he was able to understand the concept of solidarity and radical love at an early age.

In 2018, having been fed up by gentrification, he established NOT ONE MORE BLOCK, a loose anarchist network connecting various anti-gentrification movements across New York City. Robert has participated and helped plan several marches and rallies with Brooklyn Anti-gentrification Network (BAN), helped stop Amazon HQ2 from coming to Queens, spoken at a multitude of rallies and public meetings for equitable housing, and has a small cameo in a new documentary “There Goes The Neighborhood”.

Meeting Tanesha Grant in 2020 was life changing as her amazing work and mindset has helped Robert grow both emotionally and intellectually. As a member of PSPNY Robert has helped execute several mutual aid and political education events, has designed posters for these events and updates the website. He continues to learn and grow with the help of Black women such as Ms. Grant. He lives in Harlem surrounded by crates of records.




I'm a mother of 3 and live in Uptown Manhattan with my husband, children and cats. I have been apart of PSPNY since it has started. I oversee operations. I love serving the community and helping my people come together to help ourselves out.



Senior Advisor

Elzora servers as an advisor to Parents Supporting Parents NY since its inception. She is a resident of New York City and a member of New York Communities for Change. She graduated from SUNY Old Westbury College, majoring in Accounting.

She dedicates most of her free time as a Parent Leader and Public Education Advocate. She has served as President on the Community Education Council District 2, PTA President, and 1st Vice President of Delta Sigma Theta's Sorority Bronx Alumnae Chapter. Elzora served on the Panel for Educational Policy, appointed by former Mayor Bill de Blasio. Elzora also focuses on Housing issues, Civil Injustices, Climate Change, and quality of life advocacy. Elzora uses her managerial skills, public speaking, organizing and training skills to support organizations like: Moms United 4 Black Lives NY, The New York City Coalition for Educational Justice, The Alliance for Quality Education, Journey 4 Justice, Citizen Action New York, the United Federation of Teachers, Working Families Party, Community Board 4, Chelsea Reform Democratic Club and several other Unions and Organizations.



Youth Secretary / Advocate

Rayne is a 19 year old community activst, whos been working side by side with her mother, Tanesha Grant. She started her work by leading Marches in the NYC streets.She helps organize actions that brings awareness to the unjust doings of the government. such as more funding for DOE schools, Defunding the police & more. She is currently on the healing centered schools task force, as a youth advocate. Rayne also helps organize the youth for actions that bring awareness to racial injustices in her community she resides in & beyond. She serves on the Healing-Centered Schools working group task force. Rayne started working with her mom for PSPNYINC in the summer of 2020. Her biggest passion currently is fighting for high quality culturally responsive education in our NYC schools & taking care her baby boy, RyLee.



Administrative Director

Elise-Ann has been a member of Tanesha Grant's Moms United for Black Lives NYC since its inception in July of 2020. She sits on the board of Choice Matters, is a member of Indivisible and is a District Leader with her local Democratic committee. She has been an activist since 2016. It is the responsibility and obligation of all white people to stand in solidarity with Black and Brown people towards the dismantling of white supremacy.


Our Team: Welcome
Our Team: Welcome
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